Truly confident people have more empowering options for navigating through life’s challenges. Success Martial Arts adults learn principles for conquering personal fears and self-defeating thoughts, all in a structured, safe environment. Children learn never to be afraid to try new things.


Goal Direction and Structure are a powerful force in Success Martial Arts and in Life. Adults smash through previously imposed limitations. Wake up focused each morning with a feeling of energy and purpose, ready to fully engage the day. Children learn that if they focus and do their best, they WILL be successful.


Success Martial Arts is an exciting and fun way to get fit. Adults reduce and eliminate harmful stress! Eliminate the paralysis of “overwhelm.” Get fitter and stronger. Feel younger, burn fat, live longer and enjoy life more. Children learn strength, balance, coordination and endurance.


Have you ever been in a dangerous or threatening situation where you felt uncomfortable? Adults live life on your terms. Learn how to confidently defend yourself or your loved ones if ever attacked. Be Aware, Confident and Safe. Children learn age-appropriate self-defence and bullying awareness.

Our Mission

Our mission is to have a powerful, positive impact on the life of our students by helping them realise their potential for greatness through training in the martial arts.

Our Vision

Our vision for our school is a dynamic, energetic family martial arts dojo filled with people of all ages coming together to improve their day and improve their whole life, mentally, physically, emotionally and socially.

Our Purpose

Our purpose in everything we do is to carry that vision, so that it is a living part of the entire experience that makes sma everybody’s favourite place to be.
Success is much more than learning how to kick and punch. Success Skills for Life are at the very core of what we teach. They are the lifeblood of our mission, our curriculum, our class plans and our teaching. Our class experience is based on four Pillars of Success.


The discipline that has been proven over and over to be a true foundation for Success!


The energy and enthusiasm for constant and never-ending improvement!


Putting the quest to be our best into action at home, at school, in the workplace, in life!


The confidence and skills to contribute and be a positive influence on others!


I enjoy sharing the training at Success Martial Arts with my three daughters. My 12-year-old likes being active and SMA is a great outlet for that. She has made many friends of all ages. She learns self-defense skills and enjoys herself immensely. It has also improved her concentration in other areas of her life, including school. My other two daughters have also gained self-defense skills, awareness and confidence, and they have lots of fun in the process. But the most important thing for me is that this is something terrific that we can all do together as a family."Beth H, Lismore,
"Success Martial Arts offers a well structured, progressive and motivating program which is extremely "family friendly." It has a good mixture of fun, martial arts and with an incentive program, has provided the ideal learning environment for my family."Charles H, Lismore,
"I train with my two daughters at Success Martial Arts. Even though they only started this year they have both already gained in self-confidence. It has also taught them to listen to very important instructions on how to defend themselves against terrible people in our society. I think that these classes are great for boys and girls of all ages as well as a great workout for me."Jackie N, Goonellabah,
My son Conner has gained self-confidence, self-discipline and personal achievement. It has been an added advantage that I can train alongside my son, giving us more time together and an activity we can share."Kerry K, Lismore,
"I admit I was skeptical when I heard that the martial arts would teach my son discipline, confidence, and self esteem. But now he's very self-assured, he's achieving beyond all expectations at school and he's so helpful at home. Success Martial Arts with its life skills has been very motivating for him and has worked absolute wonders for our family. I'm very pleased."Rod T, Lismore,
Before I started at Success Martial Arts, I doubted my abilities and put limits on myself. I often questioned my skills, regardless of how well I did in different aspects of my life. Now I am far more confident in myself. I come across as a confident person who you can trust to get on with the job."Melissa,