Jeff Smith


Since beginning martial arts years ago, Jeff Smith has come to embody the principles and practice – taking everything he’s learnt with open arms.

Sensei Jeff, as he is now known, became involved in the SMA Certified teacher Training Course early, and started teaching at Success Martial Arts before he gained his Black Belt. At the beginning of 2014, the martial arts became his fulltime job. He is now the main teacher of the Success Martial Arts Karate Dragons program for kids, as well as teaching introductory lessons and adult classes.

Not only that, but Sensei Jeff, in his forties, has become a successful competitor, and an inspiration for many of his students, winning numerous times at the National All Styles competitions on the Gold Coast.

Beginning martial arts in 2009, Jeff started one month after his daughter Lyndl. They achieved their Black Belts together in 2013.

Since then, according to Jeff when interviewed by the Northern Star’s Marnie Johnston, it’s been a huge game changer for the whole family. They’ve made whole lifestyle changes since beginning martial arts – they’ve cut out soft drinks and energy drinks, made changes to their diet and become a more active family – and they feel so much better for it, Jeff said.

The structure, principles, and mentality that martial arts brings, Jeff said, is something that everyone across the world could take something from.

“If the rest of the world worked like this, the world would be a better place.”

He looks to himself as an example – “(Thanks to martial arts) I’m more committed, more patient.”

“It feels comfortable (being on the mat) – once you bow in you forget about everything,” Jeff said.

“You feel better afterwards – focused, clearer.”

Jeff said he’s learnt a lot from the principle of ‘Respect’: “I’ve learnt more respect for kids – and not to underestimate them.”