If you are like most parents, it is easy to picture and fear the long term outcomes for your child if they lack confidence, discipline, respect or self esteem in an unsure world….
But, instead, I invite you to imagine your child’s future… if she felt good about giving her best every day and every week…if he gained the skills to walk down any path with real knowledge, real confidence and the benefits of real experience…if she had the true confidence to handle bullying emotionally and physically…if he had the self assurance to attract respect and positive friends… Imagine their future…

There are 5 Parts to the Success Bully Defence Program:

  1.  Your child will build real physical defensive skills – the self-defence and fighting reflexes that help them excel in any sport and teach them how to protect themselves at the same time.
  2.  Your child will learn respect skills, respect for others and also self-respect. If they can’t care about themselves how can they care about others or have others care about them? We encourage them to make the right choices so they can build success habits – taking care of their body, working out, studying, making their mind strong and building their spirit.
  3.  Your child will learn specific verbal, mental and physical anti-bullying strategies, including the six power phrases to conquer bullying.
  4.  Your child will learn about the power of a positive team, e.g. you become the average of those you hang around with the most, and you are 85% more likely to achieve your goals when you do it with other like-minded people.
  5.  The fifth part is FUN. If it’s not fun, it’s not forever.

Some quick stats:
Australian primary schools are among those with the highest reported incidence of bullying in the world.1 out of 4 Australian school children report being bullied every few weeks or more often. The outcomes for those bullied and the bullies are not good. 80% of Bullying is Verbal and about 20% Physical. Verbal bullying can be more devastating over time. A bruise goes away or even getting a black eye will heal, but constantly being made fun can have long-term effects. Who do bullies target? Unconfident and shy people. People with disabilities. People who react emotionally.

We have three Choices for Handling Bullying:

  1. Nothing. Just ignore it. Tell your child to suck it up.
  2. Let your child run away from it repeatedly. Let bullies take away your child’s power over their own life.
  3. Help your child end it by learning how to stop it, without fighting when possible – And empower them to be free to Live Their Best Life!

Your child will learn the three ways to beat bullying: Body, Mind, & Spirit

  • Body: Get strong. Learn powerful physical skills – “There’s no confidence like self defence confidence!”
  • Mind: Educate yourself and outsmart your opponent with knowledge and strategy –                             “Knowledge is Power!”
  • Spirit: Believe in yourself. No one has the right to take your spirit. – “Live Your Best Life! “

At Success Martial Arts, we really believe that your child’s dreams and goals, and your dreams and goals for your child, are too important for ANYONE to steal them away from you.

We want to empower your child to have the self-confidence and self-discipline to be free to live their best life.

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Richard Marlin