Don’t allow today’s busy, stressful, hustle-bustle schedule and lifestyle put you in a tailspin.

At Richard Marlin’s Success Martial Arts Black Belt Karate Academy we have been teaching the powerful fitness, personal development and self-defense tools found only in karate and the martial arts to Lismore adults for over 30 years. Martial arts is the world’s best all around activity because it gives your body a great workout while sharpening your mind. Training in karate and the martial arts dramatically improves your focus and concentration while reducing stress and promoting a longer healthier life.

When you get into martial arts you will immediately begin experiencing these benefits:

  • HEALTH: Reduce and eliminate harmful stress…your “key” to health and inner peace! Eliminate the paralysis of “overwhelm.” Get fitter and stronger. Feel younger, live longer and enjoy life more.
  • APPEARANCE: Achieve the look you want. Develop muscle tone and lose body fat. Slim down to your ideal weight. Walk with poise and confidence. Command respect without saying a word.
  • PERFORMANCE: Smash through previously imposed limitations. Wake up each morning with a feeling of energy and purpose, ready to fully engage the day.
  • SELF DEFENCE: Live life on your terms. Learn how to confidently defend yourself or your loved ones if ever attacked. Be Aware, Confident and Safe.
  • WISDOM: Utilise the training of the oriental martial arts to develop “unassuming” mental and physical strength that you can use to help your career, family and friends.

Lismore’s Success Martial Arts program focuses on the following three areas in an easy to learn format:

1. Achievable energy-giving fitness, “fitness with meaning.” For adults this means getting you to a level of fitness that promotes a high level of energy, stronger immune system, stress management, and enjoyment for life. We establish a level of fitness comfortably, one that you will maintain and adopt as a lifestyle.

2. A Modern Approach to Self-Defense. Although our techniques are based on centuries-old tradition, our application of that traditional knowledge sets Success Martial Arts apart from other schools. Our program will teach you everything you need to know to be safe and we do so in a comprehensive manner, teaching you actual defenses, sharpening your instincts, and heightening your awareness.

3. Lifestyle. This is the part where you develop and enhance the personal skills that empower you to operate on a higher level – self-control, self-confidence, positive thinking, courage, perseverance, ability to maintain focus on your goals.

You will experience:

Self-empowerment — take command of your health, your lifestyle, and your destiny.
All the benefits of developing and maintaining a sound body and mind – growing confidence, fitness and stress reduction.
A refreshing and enjoyable break from the stresses, strains and responsibilities of daily living.

During your free, no obligation, “Getting Acquainted” program you will:
Tour our 6,000 square foot full-time facility
Begin your Martial Arts training with a “one-on-one” briefing and private lesson
Learn the Three Principles of self defense that you can put to use immediately
Learn “The Five Steps to Smart Self Defense”-a simple 5-step “safety strategy” you can share with your family members
Learn “How to Move with Speed and Power”, instantly doubling your power and tripling your reflexes with one simple technique
Learn a simple relaxation technique for reducing stress, relaxing your mind, and increasing alertness
Learn to immediately apply “The Skills of Success”
Learn “The Physiology of Confidence”, the “easy to learn” adjustments to your posture, voice projection, and eye contact that will instantly cause you to exude more confidence
Increase your levels of energy and enthusiasm
Start winning today! Complete the “Free Introductory Program” form and register online. One of our teachers will contact you to schedule appointment.

We look forward to helping you reach your martial arts, fitness, and personal development goals.

Richard Marlin, B.Ec, R.M.A.P
7th degree Black Belt
Founder and Master Instructor
Success Martial Arts Black Belt Academy