Many parents desire a deeper and stronger connection with their child. However, the complexity of modern life sometimes hinders the development of that relationship. Involvement in our martial arts program is one of the best ways to create, maintain, and strengthen a healthy parent child bond.

Parents and their children can train together at our facility, as well as at home, with common interests and working together to achieve common goals.

Introductory Program

We offer a special introductory program designed to acquaint you with our academy. The program begins with a tour of the school, followed by a personalised private introductory lesson and evaluation for your family. Your family will experience a class situation and learn some basic techniques and important self defense skills you can put to use immediately. During this enjoyable and educational session, we will evaluate the needs of your family and recommend the program most suitable for you.

Get Started Today!

Complete the online form and we will contact you to schedule your first lesson and answer any questions you may have. You may also contact us by phone at 6622 4799.


“I admit I was skeptical when I heard that the martial arts would teach my son discipline, confidence, and self esteem. But now he’s very self-assured, he’s achieving beyond all expectations at school and he’s so helpful at home. Success Martial Arts with its life skills has been very motivating for him and has worked absolute wonders for our family. I’m very pleased.”—Rod T, Lismore

“My son Conner has gained self-confidence, self-discipline and personal achievement. It has been an added advantage that I can train alongside my son, giving us more time together and an activity we can share.”—Kerry K, Lismore

“I train with my two daughters at Success Martial Arts. Even though they only started this year they have both already gained in self-confidence. It has also taught them to listen to very important instructions on how to defend themselves against terrible people in our society. I think that these classes are great for boys and girls of all ages as well as a great workout for me.”—Jackie N, Goonellabah

“Success Martial Arts offers a well structured, progressive and motivating program which is extremely “family friendly.” It has a good mixture of fun, martial arts and with an incentive program, has provided the ideal learning environment for my family.”—Charles H, Lismore

“I enjoy sharing the training at Success Martial Arts with my three daughters. My 12-year-old likes being active and SMA is a great outlet for that. She has made many friends of all ages. She learns self-defense skills and enjoys herself immensely. It has also improved her concentration in other areas of her life, including school. My other two daughters have also gained self-defense skills, awareness and confidence, and they have lots of fun in the process. But the most important thing for me is that this is something terrific that we can all do together as a family.” — Beth H, Lismore