Primary School Girl
“I can’t tell you how happy I am that Amie chose the martial arts. The biggest payoff has been her self confidence. You can see it in her body language and hear it in her voice. She used to be timid, but not anymore.”

Primary School Boy
“This is very different from any other activity that Stephen has done. Stephen's got this calm confidence now that he didn’t have before and he’s doing better at school. We never worry about bullies and best of all he’s beginning to realize that there is no limit to what he can accomplish.”

Teenage Girl
“The world sure is a different place from when we were teenagers and I love knowing that Katie can take care of herself if she has to. But what I really love is the way the martial arts instructors treat the kids with respect. Katie’s learning that to get respect you’ve got to give respect and that alone makes it all worthwhile.”

Teenage Boy
“For the two hours a week Matthew is in class, he is off the computer, he’s getting a great workout and he is with a great group of adults and other teenagers. The instructors are great role models. I’m impressed with how they work with the kids and how they treat them as young adults. He's more confident now and he’s hanging around with a much better group of teenagers.”



Success Martial Arts Black Belt Karate Academy gives your child the opportunity to explore his or her innate powers and to increase in strength, flexibility, endurance, balance, and harmony. Studies indicate that karate and the Martial Arts are 10 times better than team sports at developing a child’s self esteem and confidence. No other activity produces such dramatic results.

Introduce your child to karate and the martial arts. Watch enthusiastically as your child increases in confidence and concentration by achieving…

  • Greater academic and social success at school
  • Increased physical and mental fitness
  • Improved skills for success in life

These attributes are invaluable for promoting a successful and fulfilling future for your child. Truly confident people have more empowering options for navigating through life’s challenges.

The real secret of karate is less about learning to fight others, and more about winning the fight within. The Martial Arts include principles for conquering personal fears and self doubt. Your child will be free from self-defeating thoughts and questions, such as…

  • “I’m so dumb.”
  • “Why do they always pick on me?”
  • “I’m not good enough.”
  • “I can’t do it.”
  • “I wish I were as popular (strong, pretty, tall, smart, athletic)
    as he (or she) is.”
  • “I’m not like the other kids.”
  • “Nobody likes me.”

Replace those thoughts with confidence, perseverance, respect, and focus.

Your child finds the confidence to move outside his comfort zone. He overcomes fear of failure and learns to take responsibility for himself, without blaming others.

Your child learns not to give up, even when the going gets tough. He learns to persevere, even through failure and strives more valiantly to reach his goals. He increases his physical stamina through regular conditioning. He understands the connection between physical stamina and mental strength and perseverance.

You and your children will be treated with respect from the moment you walk into our school. Children quickly learn that they are respected when they are respectful. They learn to emulate the respectfulness they see in our instructors. Respect becomes automatic, a habit for life.

Normal, yet time wasting, childhood distractions will not hinder your child. Your child will learn to focus on critical tasks and develop the ability to stay on task. They learn to make eye contact with the classroom teachers and to pay full attention to what is being taught.

Enroll your child in a free introductory session at Success Martial Arts Black Belt Academy. The session includes a visit to our 6,000 square foot full time facility right here in South Lismore, a private lesson, and a Student Parent Conference. During this visit, you become acquainted with our program. We will meet one-on-one to discuss your child’s needs and progress and to answer questions you may have.

Here’s how it works:

Your child begins by learning the profound influence of the martial
arts “attention” stance and the “bow.” Watch as he:

  • Gains confidence with “R.A.D – Five Steps to Self-Defense Awareness Every Child Should Know”
  • Builds rapport with a super role model Black Belt instructor.

Be encouraged as he recites the Kids’ Karate Promise:

1. I promise never to use karate to show off or to hurt or scare others.
2. I will always show self-control and respect.
3. I will only use my skills to defend myself, to help others and to improve my life.
4. I am on a quest to be my best.

In one short lesson, your child will gain improved self-confidence while enjoying the fun and excitement of a high quality and safe karate and martial arts program.

How to Register

Complete the online registration form to enroll in our free introductory program. We will contact you to schedule a visit for you and your child.

Thank you for your time and I hope to meet you soon in my dojo.
Richard Marlin
7th Degree Black Belt
Founder and Master Instructor
Success Martial Arts Black Belt Academy